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Our quality approach:

Our products are done following very strict quality rules:
- To make them, we always use the noblest and strongest materials.
- A continuous control is done all along manufacturing process in the factories.
- Finished products are tested again just before shipment.
All this in the aim to avoid children the disappointment of a new received toy that doesn't work properly, or for a too short time. This approach, during years, has lead us to the strong fame of quality manufacturer we have now. It also allowed our millions of customers a durable satisfaction.


Your toy doesn't work or is broken?

In the same will to fully satisfy the children who purchased our products, whatever the store they get it from, we offer a direct manufacturer after sale service very unusual  for this kind of items:
> If one of our toys, for any reason, doesn't or stopped working, please contact Diane by email. She will do her best to replace the broken component, or the entire toy if necessary. We will just ask you to send back the defect part (so that we can study the manufacturing problem if any, and try to solve it !), and to pay for mail fee.
> We will supply to you the refills (pellets, rubber bands, balls etc.) directly if you can't find them in the stores.

Customer service: sav@deruymbeke.fr


You need information on how to use or take care of your toy ?

You will find also on this website all the instruction sheets, and even some video demos, for our toys. Please have a look at:

Instructions and demos